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Why change is so difficult.

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Many of us begin the journey to therapy looking for change. So why is change so difficult? First we envision a self that looks completely different from the person we currently are and typically we have no point of comparison in which to evaluate from.

How can we envision a better version of ourselves if we cannot believe that this version is achievable?

First we must identify our current strengths. Yes, strengths and not weaknesses. We already know what isn't working but let's look at what is?

This is a good point of reference in which to begin any journey! What are we doing right. Once we are able to identify the strengths we already posses we can then look to envision ourselves as a changed person using our current strengths to lay a foundation for change.

Next we need to set achievable goals. We are not looking to set ourselves up for failure. We need to be realistic in our goals. None of us are going to be 20 years younger, 50 lbs lighter or wealthy beyond our wildest dreams in the next 6 months. Change is hard work and requires time and effort and a commitment to self.

You must remember you are your first priority. No one will make you their number one priority nor should they.

This is a tough one to acknowledge change requires a pinch of selfishness. This is a hard lesson to learn but a valuable tool for success.

Be patient with yourself. You, did not become this version of you overnight nor will you become the version you envision the same way. Change is hard work be kind to yourself daily and recognize yourself for your hard work and even when we fall we get back up and continue to walk the path.

Begin this journey with an open mind and an open heart. Seek out the validation your require and pick a knowledgeable therapist to assist you in your journey who can walk the path with you until you are able to walk alone.

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