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Updated: Nov 17, 2020


Due to the continued rise in COVID-19 cases in Allen County there is a need to address office protocol. Our office is working extremely hard to take all precautions to protect those who choose to have in person appointments with the use of increased sanitation procedures, Air filtration systems that are of hospital grade including blue light feature. The use of daily aerosol antibacterial/microbial sprays to assist in the reduction of the spread of the virus.

I ask that you do you part by maintaining social distances as much as possible, wearing your mask in the waiting/common areas, washing your hands before and after appointments and using general precautionary measures. Hand sanitizer is also available in the main waiting rooms for your use.

If you choose to continue with in office appointments I request that this serve as acknowledgement of your understanding of the risk of attending face to face sessions poses a possible increased risk to the spread of COVID-19 and that Telehealth is an available alternative option.

In the office itself I do allow for removal of the mask if desired and I will wear a mask if requested as I know that it is difficult to complete an appointment without the ability to read and respond to facial cues and I maintain social distancing within the office environment as much as allowed.

If you are ill, please reschedule your appointment or request a telehealth option for meeting.

These are unprecedented times for all of us and I understand that and will work to find the best solution for continued care.

I want to ensure we all remain as safe as possible within our current environment and appreciate all your efforts.


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